Cancer Pain is one of the most distressing symptoms reported by individuals living with cancer. Unfortunately, most cancer patients develop significant pain during the course of their illness that requires ongoing evaluation and treatment. Cancer pain can be controlled adequately in most patients with oral analgesics that are provided “around the clock” with rescue doses for breakthrough pain.

Some cancer pains are more complex and do not respond to initial pharmacological approaches. Some patients require the assessment and support of a team of experts who specialize in managing complex cancer pains. A combination of pharmacological and non-pharmacological approaches may be used.

Our Cancer Pain Team helps patients and their health care team by performing a comprehensive evaluation and developing a pain management plan including pharmacological and non-pharmacolgical approaches. Follow-up evaluation is achieved through telephone contact with the patient or by clinic visits with our team of physicians and therapists.

Ambulatory patients

Ambulatory patients can be referred for evaluation to our clinic by faxing a consultation request or contacting us. While any team member may initiate a pain consultation, the staff physician must be in agreement with the consultation request.